Electric Locks - Cabinet Lock

Brand: Rutherford
Product ID: 3513

Main Categories: Access Control
Sub Categories: Electric Strike

3108 / 3308 Electric Deadbolts RCI 3 Series Mortise Mounted Electric Deadbolts are designed with a rugged narrow stainless steel faceplate making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The plug-in wire connectors make installations fast and easy,no more fumbling with wires and holding lock at the same time. Built in remote door status allows for remote monitoring of the door. Local sounder and Bi-color LED provides both audible and visual notification of door status or tampering. The 3 Series Electric Deadbolt is available in either a Fail Locked (3108) or a Fail Unlocked (3308) model. Both models come with a programmable time delay relock setting of 0-10 seconds. 3513 Electric Cabinet Lock Constructed with superior heavy duty metal, this compact electric lock is an ideal choice for securing any cabinet or drawer.The 3513 is easy to install with self-adjusting alignment tabs together with, side or top mounting capabilities. Four countersunk mounting holes also ensure that the lock is securely mounted. Lock mode is determined by the positioning of the lock solenoid. 3 Series Grade 1 Elelectrified Cylindrical Locksets Designed for use in applications where durability is the deciding factor. The lever set has a unique clutch mechanism that radically reduces the wear and abuse experienced with typical cylindrical lever sets. When locked, the lever disengages from the retractor and other interior mechanisms of the lock. The lever swings freely without resistance. This reduces the amount of wear on lock components and eliminates "

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